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XEMEX IABP Balloon Plus “8F Short Balloon”

XEMEX IABP Balloon Plus “8F Short Balloon”

  • Three keys for patient-oriented catheter
  • Prevent renal arterial occlusion
  • High augmentation performance
  • Reduce balloon leak risk


  1. High Level Balloon and Catheter Positioning Stability:
  • Stiff nylon catheter shaft
  • Three-level-diameter shaft structure
  1. Pumping Response Performance is ensured by:
  • Double lumen structure with large helium gas lumen
  • Three-level-diameter catheter shaft
  • Inner stopper anchoring


  1. Inner Stopper
  • Strengthened adhesion of inner and outer tubes for stable pumping (patent pending)
  • Integrated double lumen structure for superior response performance and durability of the catheter
  1. High Durability of Catheter Shaft
  • Superior stability of Nylon catheter shaft
  • Prevents catheter from blood heat softening and damage of vessel walls
  • Stiffer shaft provides super trackability to catherter
  1. Integrated Double Lumen Structure
  • Large helium gas lumen provides better response performance with small size catheters
  • Kink-resistant performance improved by reliable inner and outer shaft anchoring
  1. Three-Level-Diameter
  • Tapered structure toward proximal of outer shaft provides catheter shaft durability
  • Succeeded in higher response performance by enlargement of helium gas lumen of outer shaft outside of the body
  1. Sheath Introducer
  • Less gap between sheath and dilator
  1. Soft tip of catheter prevents unintentional vessel damage
  • Sophisticated taper shape and soft material for catheter tip
  1. Excellence trackability of dilator tip to GW
  • Downsized dilator tip has increased