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The COR-KNOT® DEVICE has several key features that distinguish it as an automated suture fastening system.

The COR-KNOT® FASTENER provides a strong, secure and safe alternative to hand-tied knots. The 4mm shaft of the COR-KNOT MINI® DEVICE and the 5mm shaft of the COR-KNOT® MIS DEVICE allows the surgeon to perform MIS and open procedures.

The rotational knob, which includes an indicator fin, provides an ergonomic way to control fastener and suture orientation.

The COR-KNOT® QUICK LOAD® expedites the loading and reloading of a COR-KNOT® FASTENER into the COR-KNOT® DEVICE.

With a single squeeze of the purple lever, the COR-KNOT® DEVICE fastens and trims the suture, eliminating the need for hand tied knots as well as laparoscopic scissors.

The COR-KNOT® DEVICE has several key benefits that distinguish it as a leading suture fastening system.


  • Exquisite remote suture tensioning
  • Unsurpassed visibility of prosthetic-tissue interface
  • One device simultaneously fastens and trims suture


  • Faster and easier than hand tying
  • Place fastener and precisely trim suture in seconds
  • May reduce cardiopulmonary bypass time


  • Unparalleled automated reliability
  • Excellent hemodynamic and clinical results